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Heritage Conservation Brickwork are highly experienced in chimney restoration and repairs. This includes performing surveys on the chimney stack and surrounding roof area. We ensure we retain the character and feel of a property.

The use of correct mortar mixes is very important, as can be evidenced by this pair of chimney stacks we recently worked on near Malvern, Worcestershire.

Bottle Kiln Structure

This was the last remaining example of a brick built bottle kiln in Worcester, although only a portion of the brickwork remained. It was originally constructed in 1794, and used by Graingers Pottery, in St. Martins Gate, Worcester.
We had to dismantle it brick by brick, record it, and then re-built it into the steel structure that denotes the original size, and shape of the kiln.
Bottle kilns were a common feature all over Britain at one time, but unfortunately they were big polluters, and Londons Great Smog of 5-9 December, 1952, eventually led to the introduction of the Clean Air Act 1956. This was the death knell for the brick kiln, and now only a handful remain.
The most notable example locally, is the Red House Cone, Stourbridge, an impressive structure, and well worth a visit.

Chimney Stacks near Malvern

The use of correct mortar mixes is very important, as can be evidenced by this pair of chimney stacks.

These chimney stacks had already been re-built previously, but the mortar used was far too hard, this caused water to be trapped within the bricks, causing the faces to shale away in harsh conditions. (1st photo).

They were taken down, and re-built using a more appropriate mortar mix.

This lack of knowledge by whoever re-built the chimneys previously, obviously cost the owners of the property a great deal of money, as the bricks failed in pretty short order, so they finished up paying twice for the same job.


Structural Alterations

We can make any structural alterations to specifications supplied to us, or we can provide structural calculations.


General Construction

Heritage Conservation Brickwork also provide general construction, browse our construction projects.

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